Aims and objects of the Possum Centre according to our constitution:

To help preserve the Western Ringtail Possum in conjunction with relevant governmental organisations and environment industry partners to ensure a healthy, productive and sustainable co-existence between people and possums.
To develop, operate and maintain a co-operative group in order to research, promote and protect possums and other wildlife of the South West of Western Australia but in particular the Western Ringtail Possum.
To provide medical aid for injured or orphaned possums and assist in health research.
To assist in the provision of care, shelter and rehabilitation of possums and their release into a suitable natural environment.
To actively promote the preservation and regeneration of native habitat.
To raise public awareness and increase knowledge and community involvement.
To encourage awareness within the youth of the community.
To provide an 'information pool' for professionals and the general public.
To provide networking opportunities for interested stakeholders.